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2/99-present President and founder of LILUG;
(NYS 402, Federal 501c3 not-for-profit), the Long Island Linux Users Group
About LILUG: LILUG has over 350 members online with between 35 and 50 attending monthly meetings, in addition it also hosts the LILUG Security and Infrastructure Special Interest Group
3/19-present Host of The Technocrat Live;
A weekly tech interview and news podcast.
About The Technocrat Live: A weekly tech ethics podcast covering game changing technologies and long form interviews with industry leaders.
3/08-5/17 The Rockefeller University;
Information Technology, New York, NY
Duties include: System Administrator; User and key management, maintenance of scripting for centralized server management, Linux server administration, OSX server administration, monitoring, patch management and remediation, monitoring NAS/rsync system, satellite server, gitlab, outlier solutions
5/07-3/08 Shopwiki Corp;
Shopwiki Corp, New York, NY
Duties include: System Administrator; software installation scripting, configure system monitoring, software maintenance, hardware maintenance
12/07 Authored and edited Thicker Than Blood;
About Thicker Than Blood: The worlds first community edited science fiction novel. Free to download, at least 100,000 copies have been downloaded and 10,000 to 20,000 readers.
1/03-5/07 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Information Technology Department;
Information Technology CSHL, Cold Spring Harbor NY
Duties include: System Administrator Manager; Backup Administrator; System Administrator; managing personnel and duties of server group, administering all backup systems, administering monitoring and beeper alert systems, Linux and Unix system administrator duties
4/01-12/02 Siemens Business Services at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Scientific Computing;
Information Technology Division, Upton NY
Duties include: Site wide administration and support for Linux and Solaris servers including campus web, email, ftp and print servers, Linux workstation maintenance and support, security configuration, department Redhat and Debian Linux expert, after hours support, and customer service
9/00-8/02 SUNY Farmingdale, Continuing Education;
Farmingdale, NY
Duties include: Teaching and designing curriculum for Intro to Secure Linux Administration, and teaching and designing curriculum for Intro to UNIX
6/00-2/01 Taos Mountain Inc, New York Office;
New York NY
Duties include: Consulting in the areas of Network and System Administration, deployed a php front end for DNS and upgraded live DNS server cross platform to bind version 8, maintained in a Mysql database, assisted with configuration of Cisco switches, routers, and vlans
About Taos: Taos Mountain provides premium consultants for a variety of administration positions


SUNY Farmingdale;
A.S. in Computer Science


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